Decentralization of our communication exchanges are changing the face of journalism as we know it today. Businesses are finding themselves operating in a quickly evolving environment where new combinations of technology, experiences, and content are rapidly replacing traditional channels and shaping the media agenda is at its most challenging.

We’re excited about the new possibilities for everyone in this emerging decentralized process: journalists, storytellers, newsmakers and the active “consumer” who wants to make some news, too.

At Cryptoland we’re actively formulating the ongoing strategies and skills needed to capitalise on changes in users’ media consumption and forging the new partnerships needed to prepare the relevant content and distribution methods required to engage them.

Let us share your voice in this new digital era in decentralized media communications.


Our global capabilities and strong relationships with the right influencers mean we initiate engaging conversations with key stakeholders. The conversation is just beginning. Ensuring a good story gets around – from customers, shareholders, employees and prospects to leading international journalists, broadcasters, analysts and trade organisations – we know how to get your story noticed in all the right places.

Our wealth of experience enables us to take a long-term view of trends, economies and events, as well as exploiting short-term media and marketing opportunities that arise in the marketplace.

We use this experience to develop creative marketing and communication campaigns that engage, educate and excite – delivering B2B stakeholder influence and pipeline of leads for businesses around the world.


We have a passion for improving marketing and communications practices in the payments, ecommerce and technology sectors globally.

Combining our global reach, understanding of international marketplaces, strong connections and specialised industry insight, we excel in supporting international businesses launching into the UK, as well as marketing and communications activities in countries around the world.

We are proud to represent some of the world’s most forward thinking technology businesses in the UK, Europe, North America, Latin America and Australasia.


Our people are strategic, fiercely competitive, analytical, objective, connected and persistent. That is why the businesses we work with trust us to shape their image and reputation.

Katie Olver
Katie Olver
George Jackson
Jon Reader
Jon Reader
Melanie Cox
Melanie Cox
Becky Elliot
Becky Elliot

Katie Olver – FOUNDER, CEO
Prior to founding Cryptoland, Katie worked for over 15 years in B2B communications for leading technology brands; Samsung, BitPay, Microsoft, Miele and more. She has a longstanding passion for supporting great entrepreneurs with big ideas through strategic & targeted communications and has a knack for disruption herself.

After discovering bitcoin, Jon became obsessed with blockchain, the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency and its potential to transform industries. That obsession, along with his entreprenuerial and startup experience, helps him lead Cryptoland’s growth efforts.

Becky is a motivated and enthusiastic member of our team, with a passion for emerging technology. She tenaciously executes PR strategies for clients that bring products and services to market in a powerful and meaningful way while raising visibility with industry analysts, media and target audiences.

At Cryptoland, Melanie serves as the “connective tissue” between clients and producing and distributing live, responsive content. She knows how to tap into content creators for rich peak content to engage target audiences and influence ambassadors and is focused on creating new models for partnership and growth.