Leading blockchain healthcare startup, Patientory reached its funding goal of $7.2 million USD in just three days following the phenomenal success of the initial coin offering / token sale, whose communications campaign was executed by Cryptoland PR. The funds raised will go towards the official launch of the Patientory platform.

Patientory is a blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record (EMR) storage computing platform that functions as a network or bridge that connects siloed, centralized EMR systems. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform enables the implementation of smart contracts related to the patient care payment cycle.

Doctors and healthcare organisations use Patientory to obtain the complete and up-to-date medical history of their patients. According to Patientory, healthcare entities will reap great benefits from its platform, since it employs blockchain technology to help the sector mitigate damaging data breaches. Patientory added that, unlike existing EMRs, blockchain is impossible to hack as it utilises a permanent and more secure record of online information exchange.  

“Healthcare plays a major role in everybody’s life, so investors easily recognised the value and impact that Patientory will have,” explained Chrissa McFarlane, founder and CEO of Patientory. “It’s a real game changer for healthcare organisations, doctors, and patients.”

We worked alongside Patientory for an 8 week period, to support their token sale which opened on 31 May and closed just 3 days later having reached its cap, which saw a huge total of 1728 participating investors purchasing PTOY tokens. Having reached its funding target as a result, Patientory is now able to officially launch its platform. To support the campaign we secured  coverage in leading publications such as; IB Times, Crowd Funder Insider, HIT Consultant, Huffington Post, Blockchain Healthcare Review, Beckers Hospital Review, Future Healthcare Today, Econotimes, Coin Idol, The Merkle and Biz Journal, who were quick to cover this exciting event.