Case study: Bluzelle’s smooth and structured token sale raises $19.5 million

Considering the volatility that often plagues cryptocurrency markets at the start of the year, a token sale that runs into January might have been a tricky proposition – even when you consider Bluzelle’s groundbreaking decentralised database technology.

However, thanks to a steady stream of coverage and regular, insightful social content that built an engaged community of interested buyers, we helped this Singapore-based blockchain pioneer to complete a smooth and successful token sale that raised $19.5 million.


A great blockchain story to tell

When we first engaged with Bluzelle and its founders Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka in October 2017, we quickly realised how significant their technology would be for the development of the decentralised internet.

While the need for file storage systems is being served by the likes of Filecoin and Storj, dApp developers also need data storage & management systems that are flexible enough to allow fast and simple data queries if they are to continue building the full range of services that are possible on the decentralized internet. Bluzelle is the decentralized database that solves this problem.

Many projects that approach us for PR, marketing and community-building strategies simply do not have a Unique Selling Point or technical credibility. This was certainly not the case with Bluzelle. Apart from their eye-catching tech, the founders had established their reputations in blockchain and cryptocurrency circles over a number of years.

For the token sale, they had a clear plan to run a smooth and structured sale, which would give their supporters as much chance as possible to participate and their project the greatest likelihood of hitting its funding target. As strategic advisors, we needed to help the founders use all the assets at their disposal to make sure this happened.


Building momentum for the token sale

Unsurprisingly considering the technology, Bluzelle has a strong advisor team that we could leverage, alongside the founders’ credentials, to build awareness of the project. Having thought-leaders of this kind is crucial if projects are to answer the myriad of diverse and often highly technical questions that the crypto-community can throw at the team. To build confidence in the project, a series of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions for the community to take part in were scheduled.

The first of these was with Brian Fox, the open source veteran and creator of GNU Bash, who is advising Bluzelle. This was followed by a technical and product AMA and demos of the platform, all of which allowed anyone with questions to get them answered and peak under the hood of the project.

In parallel to this community building, our outreach to relevant press contacts was securing regular coverage in noteworthy publications, such as Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Coin Desk, Dataconomy, The Block and Coin Telegraph.

All of this activity helped to build a Telegram group that far exceeded the founders’ expectations. As CEO Pavel Bains noted in a community message once the Bluzelle ICO had closed, they had hoped to go into the public token sale with roughly 8,000 followers. In fact, by the time of the public sale, it was roughly three times that size and growing!

All of which meant that the team could execute the sort of token sale they’d been aiming for without needing to rely on FOMO tactics. Whitelisted individuals were assembled into groups and given 24 hours to make their purchase, with 95% of them taking up the opportunity.

The end result was a token sale that raised roughly $19.5 million and a community of engaged and enthusiastic participants that want to drive the project forward. Not only that, we even secured coverage of Bluzelle’s ICO success in Coindesk – something that is extremely rare these days.


What the client said

“We were delighted with the support and advice that Cryptoland PR provided both leading up to and throughout the Bluzelle ICO. They worked tenaciously to secure as much coverage as possible, to help us build the community we wanted and to calmly deal with the ups and downs that come with any project of this kind. I would highly recommend the team to anyone that is looking to build momentum in their blockchain or cryptocurrency project.”

Pavel Bains, CEO & Founder of Bluzelle