Case study: Nuggets achieves extensive coverage across crypto and blockchain media

Payments and ID services are often cited as areas where blockchain can have a transformational effective. So, when the opportunity arose to work with UK-based e-commerce payments and ID platform Nuggets, we were keen to help them achieve their PR targets.

This solid application of blockchain technology is likely to be the next revolution in identity and payments, as the potential to disrupt this sector is enormous. Such a story was very appealing and we wanted to help Nuggets to play the long game by achieving coverage across both crypto publications and vertical sectors.

Since we began working with the team at the start of 2018, Cryptoland PR has achieved extensive reach with a wide variety of articles, interviews and award shortlists, including appearances on TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Coindesk and Cointelegraph.


Transforming online payments

Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and online ID platform that allows consumers to store their personal and payment data securely in the blockchain. That means they don’t have to share their data at all but can still make simple e-commerce payments and other transactions.

It was born out of Founder Alastair Johnson’s own experience of having his card and personal information used fraudulently online. On average, an individual has personal data – in the form of payment card details, home addresses, email addresses, passwords and other details – spread over roughly 100 online accounts.

With online payments constantly increasing and the threat of hacks at centralised databases not disappearing, Nuggets has a user-friendly solution to an urgent problem. However, it was also clear that such a helpful application could have a positive impact across a range of sectors for a very long time, so we wanted our coverage to reflect this.


Wide-ranging and varied coverage

Throughout our efforts, we were supported by a Nuggets management team that was willing to put itself forward and respond quickly to any potential opportunities for coverage. This included Founder and CEO Alastair, Co-Founder and COO Seema and, more recently, Non-Executive Director Kevin Jenkins.

Kevin is the former Managing Director of Visa in the UK and Ireland and was able to add to the angles and opinions that we had already developed with Alastair and Seema, something that is crucial if you’re going to achieve consistent coverage.

Not only that, the company was able to announce regular partnerships, which included those with Storiqa and QFPay, as well as support from government departments, such as the UK Department for International Trade, The Mayor of London and The City of London.

This adaptable approach helped us to secure coverage in major technology, finance and crypto publications like TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Coindesk and Cointelegraph. It also allowed us to widen our coverage into sector-specific publications like The Grocer, Essential Retail, Lawyer Monthly and Financial Director.

On top of all this press coverage, we were able to secure a number of speaking slots, including at PathFounders’ blockchain event, long-form interviews, in publications such as CryptoDisrupt, and award shortlists, such as those for The Blocks and Futr European Retail Tech.


What the client said

“While Cryptoland PR is well known for its ability to help companies achieve successful ICOs, our aim was different. We wanted to achieve long-term and wide ranging coverage for Nuggets because we know how significant our e-commerce payments and ID platform will be across sectors. I’ve been extremely pleased with the work Cryptoland PR has done in helping Nuggets to achieve our goal by securing a wide variety of articles, interviews and award shortlists that have helped put us on the map.”

Alastair Johnson, Founder and CEO of Nuggets