Over the last few years, we’re proud to have worked with some of the most innovative technology companies.


What our clients are saying about us.

“Thank you for all of your hard work with this project. We couldn’t have gotten this done without your help. The team’s responsiveness and availability and knowledge of the industry really made this easy sailing.”


CMO, ShapeShift.io
“Katie, you have been an amazing help to our team. I was consistently impressed with your creativity and also how fast you could turn a piece around! Thank you so much for your help.”

Julia Patterson

Communications Manager, BitPay
“Cryptoland was instrumental in securing a tremendous amount of PR exposure for us throughout our 8 week token sale. With their thoughtful and creative PR strategy, as well as their press leads, they successfully conveyed our messaging and our vision. They assisted in ensuring both the crypto community and the healthcare industry made a significant contribution to our token sale.”

Chrissa McFarlane

Founder & MD of Patientory
“Cryptoland’s input to our media strategy has been invaluable. Within a few months public relations contributed the most to our marketing pipeline. The team excels in pitching media across a wide range of industries and consistently finds strategic and creative ways to get Gem in front of journalists.”

Emily Vaughan

Director of Marketing, Gem.co
“The team at Cryptoland were phenomenal partners for our ICO. They were relentless in their pursuit of coverage and raising awareness of the token sale within the crypto community. No opportunity was left unturned and as a result we have not only smashed our target for the token sale, we have hundreds of press mentions, including pieces in CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg and more, speaking opportunities, analyst mentions and more. The full impact of the results Cryptoland delivered will be felt within the company for many months to come.”

Dr Jemma Green

Chair & Co-Founder, Power Ledger
“The team at Cryptoland got up to speed astonishingly quickly in an area of fintech they were unfamiliar with. They took a genuine interest in our product, and it wasn’t long before we had interviews with national journalists and found ourselves featured in top-tier publications. Cryptoland consistently finds new ways to creatively pitch journalists with great tenacity. Thanks to their professionalism and motivation, we’ve seen our market presence and success rocket.”

Stephen Hazelton

Founder & CEO, Street Diligence
“Cryptoland hit the ground running with our campaign. Within days of signing, they had secured interviews for us with reputable journalists from leading publications, including Financial Times, Quartz and Business Insider. They are true experts at crafting messaging and directing it at the right people.”

Gustavo Corradi

COO, BrickCoin