Token sales, also known as initial coin offerings (ICO) are a tool for startups to distribute their tokens in return for donations to their blockchain. Typically it will be priced at a certain number of Bitcoin or ETH and deployed right away. The token can work as both a distribution mechanism and an alternative financing structure.

From the moment you start thinking about launching a token sale right up to its completion and beyond, Cryptoland can help you with the following components:


We’ll strategically develop brand messaging to make your token sale stand out from the crowd & deliver the trust and credibility needed to make it a success.


With the help of our established relationships with journalists from mainstream media through to crypto media, we consistently deliver the right coverage at the right time.


Community building and management is an essential component of a well-constructed token sale. We’ll transparently disseminate your vision to empower enthusiastics and visionaries. During the ICO, we’ll answer community questions as they arise and provide regular updates.


The blockchain community is a hugely engaged community with much discussion between individuals and brands. We’ll connect your brand with the most important influencers


From helping you structure your token to securing you first-rate media coverage, here are some of the services that you can rely on us to carry out to the highest standard.


We are dedicated to delivering top tier coverage, knowing that this is the best way to gain credibility and trust in the crypto sphere. We pitch journalists, bloggers, vloggers and more.


We research and identify media themes to be leveraged within the campaign, allowing us to creatively reach vertical media segments as well.


We know that focusing on content is key. We’ll connect your Token Offering with the most important influencers and put together topical and relevant content for their use.


We’ll engage in social media marketing on all the popular platforms. And when your product is discussed on forums like Reddit, Bitcointalk, Slack and Telegram, we’ll be on hand with prompt responses.


While we don’t rely on paid newswires to deliver press coverage, our team can help with paid campaigns across social platforms and Google.


We provide the best practice on capped v. uncapped and pre-sale initiatives, drawing on previous experience.


We design and promote effective bounty campaigns that will enhance your social media presence & drive community engagement.


By using social media influencers, we’ll reach a wider demographic and kickstart developers, miners, investors and other stakeholders to purchase your token.


Emily, CMO, “Thank you for all of your hard work with this project. We couldn’t have gotten this done without your help. The team’s responsiveness and availability and knowledge of the industry really made this easy sailing.”

Chrissa McFarlane, Founder & MD of Patientory: “Cryptoland was instrumental in securing a tremendous amount of PR exposure for us throughout our 8 week token sale. With their thoughtful and creative PR strategy, as well as their press leads, they successfully conveyed our messaging and our vision. They assisted in ensuring both the crypto community and the healthcare industry made a significant contribution to our token sale.”

Emily Vaughn, Director of Marketing, “Cryptoland’s input to our media strategy has been invaluable. Within a few months public relations contributed the most to our marketing pipeline. The team excels in pitching media across a wide range of industries and consistently finds strategic and creative ways to get Gem in front of journalists.”

Julia Patterson, Communications Manager, BitPay: “Katie, you have been an amazing help to our team. I was consistently impressed with your creativity and also how fast you could turn a piece around! Thank you so much for your help.”